Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering


The Department of Aeronautical Engineering was established in the year 2007.The Department has emerged as a leading department with excellent Laboratory facilities.

The senior professors and staff members of the Department are highly qualified with Specialisation in the area of Aeronautics, Aircraft Maintenance, Cryogenics and Avionics.

Aeronautical Engineers are in great demand as the Aircraft and Maintenance Industry Worldwide is growing and there is an acute shortage of qualified and competent Engineers.

The Aeronautical Engineering Department has three Aircrafts namely Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee 140, Sail Plane Glider and a Subsonic Wind Tunnel, With the help of these Aircrafts, Students are given real time demonstration on operating principles of flight, it’s stability and controls.

Course Outline

Course Title Course Duration
B.E-Aeronautical Engineering 4 Years
M.E-Aeronautical Engineering 2 Years


Aerodynamics Lab

Aircraft Structures lab

Propulsion Lab

Aero Engines Maintenance and Repair Lab

Aircraft Systems Lab

Avionics Lab


    Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics

    Aircraft Engines and it’s Maintenance and Repair

    Aircraft Structures and it’s Maintenance and Repair

    Aircraft Systems and Instruments

    Wind Tunnel Techniques

    Aircraft , Rocket and Missile Propulsion

    Vibrations and Aero Elasticity

    Composite Materials and Structures

    Aircraft Materials and Manufacturing Processes

    Aircraft Design Projects

    Space Mechanics

    Helicopter Theory



Aero Students are highly preferred in HAL, NAL, ADA, ADE, ISRO,DRDO, AIRLINES, AIRFORCE, NAVY, General Electrics, Honeywell, Aircraft Manufacturing Industries, Aircraft Design and Software application organisation ,Gas Turbine Research and Development Establishment etc.,


FINAL year Aeronautical Engineering student Manojitha won first place in the following Anna University Zonal Meet Competitions..

    100 meters and 200 meters running in the year 2014

    200 meters running and Table Tennis competition in the year 2015

    Table Tennis competition in the year 2016

Final year Aeronautical Engineering Student Ajith won the following state/National Level competitions:

    National Level Squash Competition-4 th place in the year 2015

    State Level Squash competition in the year 2016

Aeronautical Engineering Student Alice.C.Phumale won the 17 th rank in the Anna University Examination 2015

Aeronautical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering departments jointly conducted a International Conference “INCAMCE-15” on 19 th and 20 th March 2015

Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering department jointly conducted a workshop “Applications of Advanced Composites in Aeronautical and Automotive Industries on 21 and 22 September 2015

National level Technical symposium REC-TECH FEST’17 conducted on 30,August 2017.