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Campus Layout

Campus layout
  • The institution was able to achieve a lot in its infrastructural facilities for the last 32 years
  • The college campus has separate block for all the Departments, Internet, Auditorium and well furnished Ladies common room.
  •  Topaz Block
  •  Emerald Block
  •  Sapphire Block
  •  Ruby Block
  •  Diamond Block
  •  Garnet Block
  •  MBA & MCA Department Block
  •  EEE & IT Department Block
  •  Aeronautical Block
  •  Sardar Raja Golden Jubilee Auditorium
  •  Sardar Raja Silver Jubilee Auditorium
  •  Workshop Block
  •  R & D Centre
  •  Central Library Block
  •  College Cafeteria
  •  College Store
  •  Ladies Common Room

No ragging / No Smoking / No Liquor Campus:

It is a well disciplined campus and having good environment for studies. The Campus is always having good breeze and prevailing healthy atmosphere. It is situated in the Aralvaimozhi pass of western ghat

Wind Power generators:

Wind energy is used to produce electricity and it is used for the operation of all labs in the computer.