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Anti ragging Squad

REC is one among the colleges that say ‘No ‘to ragging. It is a ragging free college. It is formed with physical director as the director of the anti ragging squad and campus director, Chief Security officer, Security Officer, Warden and Chief Librarian as other members. For the betterment of the fresher, boards are displayed at various vantage points about squad with phone numbers. For emergency any student is able to contact the mobile numbers of the squad members.

REC doesn’t have any belief in SENIOR-JUNIOR relationship which is said to be maintained by ragging. On the other hand REC advocates friendship among the students by prohibiting the ragging, since Friend is First Relative In Emergency Need & Danger. REC expects and maintains a friendly relationship among the students in the premises and it goes well.

Around the clock the teaching and non teaching members are engaged for the same even during the college hour first year block and first year students are protected by teaching staff. During night also sufficient protection is given by staff in the name ‘hostel duty’. In the ladies hostel also, wardens and staff members are taking care of them.